3in1 soap natural soap with activated carbon for face, body and hair

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    • natural 3 in 1 soap for face, body and hair with charcoal from the Bieszczady Mountains
    • for all types of skin and hair
    • cleanses, refreshes, moisturizes
    • 85 ml

Barber’s Set

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    • 3 in 1 soap for face, body and hair – read more
    • Shaving Brush manufactured for ZEW for men by MÜHLE

Face and Body Cream with Black Chaga

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    • all-purpose nourishing cream with chaga mushroom
    • its active ingredient, chaga mushroom, has antioxidant and soothing properties
    • moisturises your skin and alleviates irritation
    • contains UV SPF15
    • sinks in quickly
    • fresh forest scent
    • 80 ml

ZEW for men® Towel

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    • 100% natural cotton
    • perfect for the gym, on the go or at home
    • dimensions: 30 cm x 50 cm


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    • perfectly balanced razor blade, compatible with classic, replaceable blades from other manufacturers
    • the closed comb of the razor head ensures effective and safe shaving of the beard, while the fixed head makes the razor easy to clean and maintain
    • handle made of thermally impregnated ash wood, combined with a chromed base
    • producer: MÜHLE for ZEW for men