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Beard balm



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    • Beard balm with hemp oil
    • Strongly regenerates and moisturizes the beard and facial skin
    • Makes your beard vital and shiny
    • Strengthens your beard, prevents it from damage and stimulates its growth
    • Perfect for daily care of very dry beard and sensitive skin
    • Intriguing scent of sandalwood and musk
    • 80 ml

The natural ZEW for men beard balm with hemp oil and scent of sandalwood and musk perfectly regenerates and moisturizes beard and facial skin. It makes your beard look vital and delicately shiny. The high level of nutritious oils, vitamins and antioxidants guarantees a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-oxidant and sun-protective effect. It prevents the beard from drying, provides natural look and proper nutrition of hair.

What is our beard balm composed of and how does it work?

    • Hemp oil is the key ingredient of the balm, it is strongly regenerative and anti-ageing, has an anti-oxidant and antiseptic effect on the skin.
    • Jojoba, argan, cotton seed, pumpkin seed and coconut oils provide proper nutrition even for very dry and damaged hair.
    • Shea butter, active coal and lanoline prevent hair brittleness and make combing easier. They have a soothing effect on facial skin.